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About Us

Jenn's story....In October 2003, Jenn's father was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and was given about 9 months to live. A couple months later her life changed forever. On December 22, 2003 her father went into cardiac arrest. Some time had lapsed from the onset of his cardiac arrest to when he was found. Jenn immediately called 911 and performed CPR until EMS arrived. This bittersweet experience gave rise to GOTCPR, LLC.

Jenn has been an EMT since 1999 and used her knowledge and skills to aid in her father's tragic incident. From that point on she realized that her training helped her stay as calm and focused as possible. This is the same gift she would like to share with each and every student she has the opportunity to teach.

"Teaching is my passion and the greatest reward is seeing my students smile with confidence knowing that they understand why they do what they do." - Jenn Balarezo, EMT-B

GOTCPR, LLC was started in May of 2007 by healthcare providers who value making an impact in peoples lives through their style of teaching. Our philosphy is no one student learns in the same manner and it takes a skilled teacher to help that student really understand the material and to feel comfortable enough to assist in an emergency situation. We never forget that at one point we were a student and through our experience, we are now the instructors who want to see you succeed. Thank you very much for selecting our company and for your continued support.