CPR Certification, First Aid, BLS, PALS and ACLS recertification classes







What our students have to say about us

"Thank you, Excellent!" M.K.

"Great teacher" T.D.

"Instructor went above and beyond the knowledge of what was expected. Very informative!" S.A.

"She was great and had a lot of patience" J.R.

"Instructor met & exceeded my expectations. Would recommend her to anyone needing to fulfill CPR certification. Strengths-Great examples, instructor demonstrated patience, willingness to teach. Thanks for the great instruction!" H.B.

"Jennifer was extremely thorough and clear with all of the concepts & material." C.H.

"Great class!" S.A.

"I really enjoyed working with Jennifer in my CPR adult course. She was a great instructor for me." M.M.

"The educational method and the gravity of delivering the information were excellent." M.M.

"Relaxed learning environment, clear, concise teaching. I will tell all my nurse friends about Jenn." S.C.

"Instructor was good and fun!" T.K.

"Instructor made course fly by because she made it easy to learn." G.V.

"I would definitely have this instructor back to teach this course and other courses." J.E.

"I enjoyed having you as an instructor! I really liked how you encouraged everyone to ask questions and your responses went above and beyond the real answer." C.L.

"You are one of the best instructors I've ever had. I would strongly recommend you to everyone I know. Great job. Keep it up! Very well presented. Explained skills very well." Dr. S.K.

"She was very knowledgeable, patient & enthusiastic. I enjoyed this course & would ask for Jenn to teach me." K.B.

"Adjusted material well to my current level of practice. Availability and flexibility were greatly appreciated." S.M.

"Very thorough." G.S.

"Thank you very much Jennifer. I learned alot from you. Please always do the same job because you are excellent at teaching." M.N.W.

"The one-on-one learning was awesome!! Jennifer was patient and presented with such confidence & clarity; After taking her class I feel confident that if an emergency were to arise I could handle it w/ease." M.M.

"Ms. Balarezo was great, patient, very clear and helpful in all areas; even answering my unrelated to CPR health care questions. The great advantage to this was the one on one course structure which really made me feel comfortable with the skills being taught." C.G.

"Very well run session. Very pleased with your course - answered all of my questions with good knowledge & experience as well." J.W. MD

"Good instructor. Uses real life situations to explain concepts. I thoroughly enjoyed this course." A.S.

"Very good instructor. I would recommend Jennifer to anyone to receive training." E.B.

"Course was conducted in a very professional, efficient and effective manner. Pain-free, hassle-free and stress-free." R.L.

"I've been taking CPR since 1985. This was by far the best CPR course I've ever taken." M.L.

"Jennifer was patient, encouraging and very willing to go at a pace that matched my needs. She is very approachable. The strenghts were one-on-one attention and positive feedback to me." L.A.P.

"Very effective instructor." C.S.H

"Excellent. I enjoyed the courses and would take more classes in the future. The course went smooth and was in a relaxing environment." S.Y.C

"Tops! Fantastic way to review BLS - on my schedule and in my own home at my pace! Jenn was patient and enthusiastic - and knows her stuff. Nice to have a medical person teach." C.V.

"The class was helpful in expanding my knowledge base & allowing one-on-one interaction for learning condusive to my learning style." S.K.

"I will recommend Jennifer to all my friends. She was great. Thanks." E.S.

"Excellent instructor. Easy to talk & work with. Jennifer really made this course a pleasure to take. Wonderful teacher, great personality. Would recommend to other providers." P.B.

"A strong program. Instructor was very concise, clear and knowledgeable." G.S.

"Knowledgeable, friendly. Really enjoyed!" M.B.

"Great job! Thank you!!" A.G.

"Great way to recertify one-one-one; directly addressed my deficiancies. Being at my house was helpful - no travel. Cost was great." M.S.

"Excellent presentation & knowledge. Pleasant learning environment." A.S.C.

"Enjoyed the course, great location. Good instructor, very informative." Dr. Y.H.C.

"Excellent presenters & very good in explaining all procedures." A.L.

"Very knowledgeable and excellent." The Virginian

"Great job. Excellent presentation. Very helpful, always great to know what's new." The Virginian

"She was excellent." M.B.

"He taliored the class to my specific needs." Dr. E.H.

"Very professional and a great teacher. Her personal approach is a wonderful asset whether you have had prior CPR training or none at all. I would recommend this course to all interested." C. M.

"Thank you for all your help. I've learned a great deal of things on this subject." C.G.

"I learned a lot in a short time and had fun learning it." C.G.

"Excellent." J.N.

"Fun & easy to follow course - Made it enjoyable!" S.R.

"Gave real life scenarios. Great class." D.A.

"Very effective and knowledgeable. Thank you!" S.J.

"Excellent instructor. When it comes time to do my renewal I will most definitely come to Jennifer! Thanks a lot. Everything was amazing!" M.A.

"Good job." J.S.

"Very friendly and knowledgeable." C.M.

"The course was helpful for future experiences." E.C.

"Very clear, appropriately paced, excellent job. The instruction was friendly, relaxed yet efficient. The instructor was very accomodating with scheduling, place, etc. I would highly recommend this instructor! Well paced, appropriate adjustments to student's body of knowledge." L.H.

"Very helpful to have one-on-one instruction!" L.P.

"Jenn made me feel extremely comfortable, she was very knowledgeable & I feel like I definitely learned much more than I could have in any other class. The 1 on 1 training was extremely beneficial. Jenn explained everything very clearly & supplied me with good feedback." L.W.

"Great course." E.H.

"Really helpful and works at the right pace for the student. Very knowledgeable & professional. Would definitely recommend to colleagues. This course was great & informational. I feel much more confident in my CPR skills. Really appreciate that Jennifer was able to come to my home to do this!" K. K., RN

"Very knowledgeable." A.O.

"Awesome job! Liked all the practical work." K.P.

"I enjoyed the course, very concise & to the point." Dr. I.S.

"Excellent one-on-one teaching." Dr. S.M.

"Great instructor." T.R.

"Very helpful and confident." P.T.

"AWESOME instructor. Very knowledgeable - personable. Made the class very comfortable, FUN. Would highly recommend to others." L.L.

"I retained more information from this class than the last CPR class I took." Z.M.

"Extremely knowledgeable, great teacher. Awesome job, made CPR interesting." C.G.

"Excellent instructor, will recommend it to anyone who needs BLS. Instructor took time explaining & not only that, the one-on-one teaching method eased my fear & provided an excellent learning environment. Excellent program." A.S.

"I have done CPR and First Aid before and this course was far superior and informative. Information was clear and understandable." Bright Horizons

"Gary did an excellent job. He taught at a reasonable pace and was open to any and all questions. I learned more than I previously had in other CPR courses! Gary is a great teacher and should continue teaching the program." Bright Horizons

"Very clear on explaining subject and answering questions." C.S.

"Course went very smooth and at a comfortable pace." V.S.

"Well versed, excellent presentation." Dr. F.A.

"Excellent presentation and preparation for the student." D.L.

"Great teaching methods-like the visual and hands on learning. Very knowledgeable-helps that instructor uses CPR on a regular." J.P.

"The instructor encouraged questions and an interactive environment." A.M.A.

"Loved the instructor, very nice & sweet." S.C.

"Very helpful, loved the research references! Loved how comfortable the setting & attitude was." S.O.

"Great instruction, informed, succicnt presentator." M.M.

"Keep up the good job. Excellent instructor. The lecture was very good, well explained and brief." M.B.

"Pleasant and knowledgeable individual made learning fun." C.E.

"Clear & concise speaking; easy to understand and hear. I enjoyed the conducive environment and convenience. Excellent." C.G.

"Jennifer was an excellent instructor-clear, friendly and extremely knowledgeable. This is an excellent way to do CPR renewal. I will do it again next year. I learned more from this class than others I've attended." W.W.

"Great concise & clear presentation-very effective teaching style for me! Thanks!" L.W.

"Jennifer was great! Very friendly & encouraging! One-on-one class is very conductive to learning material." L.G.

"Great course. Course was well paced & well taught." A.G.

"Great teacher. Flexible schedule was very helpful!" J.V.M.

"Jenn worked around my schedule which was great." S.J.

"Instructor did a great job! Nice combination of A/V teaching & practical application." M.N.

"Knowledgeable, calm, presents well. Jennifer used real life experience to incorporate in her teaching." J.H.

"Excellent instructor. Jenn did a wonderful job, was very knowledgeable and paced the class perfectly. Pacing of program to individual needs is greatly appreciated!" C.E.

"Very nice we didn't have to sit through a full day class." L.E.

"Great learning environment." L.S.

"Very great, very knowledgeable, very great presentation." Small Smiles Dentistry

"They both made taking this CPR class on a Saturday fun & not boring!" S.C.

"Great, very knowledgeable." Dr. T.C.

"They were both great!!" Small Smiles Dentistry

"They are a great team!" Small Smiles Dentistry

"They work great together. Keep up the good work!. Everything was great." Small Smiles Dentistry

"Very patient & explains everything thoroughly; doesn't rush you & makes sure you're comfortable before moving on. Great class!!" H.B.

"The best CPR class I've taken." T.W.

"Very relaxing environment & very knowledgeable instructor." J.C.

"She explained the course adequately & was very knowledgeable on the topic." L.W.

"Great presentation. Instructor was very knowledgeable & answered all of my questions." C.T.

"You are awesome! Thank you so much! Excellent, very personal & wonderful! You are going to be a fantastic MD." J.B.C.

"Great, appreciated the flexibility and the comfortable setting. Easy to ask questions and be engaged." E.M.

"Nice and good." I.K.

"Is knowledgeable and obviously very passionate about teaching this course. The instructor allowed each student to do hands on. My confidence level has increased." P.H.

"Patient, clearly explained and taught the class. Very friendly." S.R.

"Instructor presented with clarity & knowledge of material. Great job! She is very smart too. You could tell shee knew her material. She is very knowledgeable and good at what she does." I.J.

"This course was the best. Jenn was outstanding & very friendly. I would recommend this instructor to anyone!" J.B.

"Very knowledgeable, great course." L.M.

"Excellent, easy, convenient, high comfort level with clients." J.P.

"Very thorough, great teacher, broke material down to manageable bites, explained well, kind, PATIENT, answered questions. Very well done!" V.M.

"Very friendly & knowledgeable. Excellent pace, much better than large group sessions." D.B.

"Knows her stuff." M.R.

"Outstanding instructor, very helpful, tentative and patient. Specific strength - she takes the lessons a step further via her knowledge, books and props to give the learner a better understanding. Leaves no room for unsureness." Q.G.

"Great instructor - It was fun and very educational. I was able to learn a great deal in a short amount of time and left feeling confident in the skills. All good things - practicing as the video went through each skill was very useful." H.B. Nurse Tech

"Explained techniques well, reinforced concepts, and provided useful tips." K.D. EMT student

"All info was great. The instructor made the course fun to learn. I'm taking excellent information on CPR. Great course." J.V.

"Great pace, allowed for questions, all relevant." Belmont Country Club

"Enthusiastic & knowledgeable." Belmont Country Club

"Nice presentation." Belmont Country Club

"Very knowledgeable and friendly." Belmont Country Club

"Jennifer, thank you for your time in teaching this class." Belmont Country Club

"Excellent knowledge and very calm, clear directions." Belmont Country Club

"Great!" M.H.

"Could answer all my questions. I enjoyed the DVD very much and learned much from all the examples. Thank you." M.K. Teacher

"Amazing! Thank you! Excellent!" J.R.

"Jennifer did an excellent job presenting the materials, very informative, immediately put you at ease with the material." J.M. Nurse

"Did well and communicated clearly." Shirley Contracting Co., LLC

"Easy to understand. A very well presented program." Shirley Contracting Co., LLC

"Very knowledgeable." Shirley Contracting Co., LLC

"Good job." A.P.

"Excellent job. Would do it again with her. Made it fun to learn." Dr. M.A.-P.

"Great class! Very informative! Best CPR course ever! Instructor was very knowledgeable and delivered material with ease and enthusiasm." K.S.

"Very knowledgeable, focused & welcoming. Loved it! Great instructor all around. Well-rounded; good in all areas." S.W.

"Good pace, well spoken." Shirley Contracting Co., LLC

"Instructor did a very good job presenting the material, was very knowledgeable." Shirley Contracting Co., LLC

"Outstanding presentation. Thanks." Shirley Contracting Co., LLC

"Very knowledgeable & interactive with the students. Very good course. Hands on application was very beneficial." A.S.

"Very clear, great personality, very knowledgeable." A.K.

"Jenn was thorough in explaining the course modules and welcoming of questions. She patiently guided us through hands-on demonstrations of the methods used." L.T.S.

"Instructor is very knowledgeable." T.J.K.

"Best class in years, most people do not explain well at all when asked questions." M.B.

"Very good in explaining. Thanks for the shared knowledge!" L.B.B.

"Very knowledgeable & a good teacher." T.B.

"Instructor did a very good job presenting the material; was very knowledgeable." Shirley Contracting Co., LLC

"Good pace, well spoken." Shirley Contracting Co., LLC

"Outstanding presentation. Thanks." Shirley Contracting Co., LLC

"Course was well run and informative." The Belmont Country Club

"Jennifer was very helpful over all & helped to get the objective right." The Belmont Country Club

"Very knowledgeable, good speaker. Good course." The Belmont Country Club

"Very well presented." The Belmont Country Club

"Nice pace." The Belmont Country Club

"Very good, clear, concise, friendly." The Belmont Country Club

"Course was very easy to learn because the instructor knew how to communicate well." The Belmont Country Club

"Excellent teaching style, very clear, patient and approachable. Thanks! Topics covered was relevant for me. Excellent program." S.L.W.

"Appreciated her accomodating this class despite a busy day and pretty much a last minute request." Dr. Ahluwalia

"Made very good sense and interesting." R.K.

"Very excellent presentation" R.K.

"Well presented. Great - thanks for doing this." J.S.

"Well able to adapt course to participants! Adaptability, well spoken, wonderful that she comes to us!" M.F.

"Excellent job. Everything was very informative." The Belmont Country Club

"Thanks! Both instructors were very patient & well informed." The Belmont Country Club

"Very knowledgeable." The Belmont Country Club

"Very good. Great verbal skills." The Belmont Country Club

"Very nice & informative." The Belmont Country Club

"Class was very informative." Shirley Contracting Co., LLC

"Good course!" R.L.

"Gary was very professional and knowledgeable. I really appreciated the course and how I was able to get certified quickly." S.H.

"Good class. Good participation from students." Shirley Contracting Co., LLC

"Gary is a great instructor." Shirley Contracting Co., LLC

"Excellent - Jennifer was perfect - even answered my children's questions." E.K.

"Good job!" Shirley Contracting Co., LLC

"Patient, thorough, knowledgeable. Great to have all questions addressed so well. Very effective, relaxed environment." J.T. NP

"Excellent communication, felt that instructor was willing to pace to my needs." C.S. RN

"Extremely knowledgeable." K.S. MD

"Good job!" Shirley Contracting Co., LLC

"She was made for teaching! Time and schedule accomodation were great. Very flexible and the course was very in-depth and effective use of teaching tools." J.G.

"Excellent instructor! Thank so much. ( " I really like the one-on-one!" A.W. NP

"Excellent rapport and knowledge base. One-on-one environment condusive to learning. Flexibility in scheduling very helpful." E.C. RN

"Great way of learning." M.P.

"El curso fue fenomenal, gracias por todo." HCCA

"Muy bueno y mucha paciencia." HCCA

"El curso me parecio excelente para mi y aprendi mucho pues las instructoras dieron el curso excelente." HCCA

"The video and having the first aid kit materials was helpful for hands-on learning." A.S.

"Excellent, low stress class, presented materials well. Kept class on topic & kept to timeline very well." A.W. RN

"Excellent style of teaching. Thank you! Generally, exceeded my expectations. Instructor is very knowledgeable & approachable, helpful both with verbal feedback & physical prompting during practical session." S.P. PT

"Very professional, on time, very clear. In home training is very convenient." R.H. PT/MT

"Perfect teacher." E.G. MD

"Very thorough." Shirley Contracting Co., LLC

"Good learning experience. Was not overbearing." Shirley Contracting Co., LLC

"Excellent one to one instruction. Best CPR course I have had in 30 years! Would definitely use again. Jenn made it fun & always got the point across. Very cheerful" M.J.M. RN

"I hope you have a wonderful career in the medical field - you are a very nice person." L.K.

"Really good course. Enjoyed it a lot. Would definitely take further courses!" M.C. PA

"Great teacher. Great program." R.R. NP Minute Clinic

"Very much enjoyed the class - Best CPR class that I have taken (& I've taken a lot of firehouse courses!) Very thorough." L.R. PA

"She was very attentive and moved at a rate based on our need. She was patient and gave multiple scenarios to help us with comprehension." E.D. PT

"Great course." A.P. NP Minute Clinic

"Outstanding class. Private classes are very helpful." M.B. CPD

"Jenn was wonderful. I will definitely recertify with her. Jennifer was amazing. She answered all my questions and made me feel very comfortable in doing CPR. I would recommend her to everyone I know. Definitely no weaknesses. This was by far the best instructor I have ever had." V.S. Childcare Provider

"Excellent knowledge of subject." G.E.

"Excellent, low stress. Presented materials well. Kept class on topic & kept timeline very well." A.W.

"Made my ACLS renewal class stress free & convenient, thanks!" C.K.

"Great explanations." M.C.

"Very friendly and informative; patient and knowledgeable." M.B.

"Very friendly, informative and able to answer my questions." L.P. DA

"Very helpful feedback, personal experience accounts. Instructor was very prepared and helpful." D.T.

"Very good instructor. Teaching was clear and made sure we understood the material." A.D.

"Very good delivery of info." D.D. RN

"Nice work, very enjoyable. I like being the only one." M.H.

"She was great!! Thanks. Will pass this along to my friends, very helpful. Jennifer is great with people. Perfect for this job." D.V. Personal trainer

"It was a great experience to have a 1:1 CPR course." Dr. J.C.

"Presentation was excellent." M.N.

"Very clear presentation." The Virginian

"Enjoyable." The Virginian

"Excellent." The Virginian

"Instructor was very good in presenting the CPR course. Excellent and keep it up!!!" The Virginian

"Very clear & concise." The Virginian

"Very good." The Virginian

"Very pleasant. He makes you feel very comfortable. I really learned a lot." The Virginian

"Excellent 1:1 training. Very accomodating." E.R.

"Explains material well. Very good instructor." A.B.

"Wonderful instructor! Very knowledgeable instructions." Dr. N.V.

"Excellent instructor!! Great course." T.H.

"Very good, thank you for your time." H2Gen Innovations, Inc.

"Great course." H2Gen Innovations, Inc.

"Great instructor, very knowledgeable." H2Gen Innovations, Inc.

"Very good presenter/instructor." H2Gen Innovations, Inc.

"Good pace, good humor, good mix of video and verbal, good experience; knowledgeable." H2Gen Innovations, Inc.

"Very knowledgeable, good instructor." H2Gen Innovations, Inc.

"Very friendly & knowledgeable." H2Gen Innovations, Inc.

"Excellent; small setting and personal attention." Dr. J.R.

"Very knowledgeable, pleasant & professional." Dr. J.W.

"Very convenient & assisted me under a tight time frame." J.L. RN

"Great explanations of why & how we were doing each movement. Excellent instructors & answers to questions. I loved this course - very informative & a great pace for learning." C.D. PT

"Great explanations! Good stories & asked good quiz questions." PT group

"Great! Excellent!" S.M. PT

"Very knowledgeable and was able to answer all of our questions. Good pace. All the info was presented clearly. Personal examples were helpful." PT group

"Very good input/examples to further emphasize certain points. Very helpful; provided great feedback on techniques." PT group

"Friendly & funny. Great instructor! Great course!" PT group

"Great! Great! I like the copy of the CPR card!" PT group

"This was great! Very knowledgeable instructors!" PT group

"Excellent! The instructors were great! Strengths - their personal input!" PT group

"Good program. Nice to do it in home." F.G. MD

"Very relaxed. Special thanks to Jenn for doing this for me!" A.C. RN

"He is a good instructor & will recommend him to anybody." The Virginian

"He did a good job in explaining and presenting the information." The Virginian

"Knowledgeable, perceptive to learner's needs. Will recommend this course to my colleagues." C.A. RN

"Very knowledgeable, kind & comfortable to work with. Good job adjusting the lesson to my needs/previous knowledge." J.M. PT

"Very friendly! Great instruction!" B.D. RN

"This course was perfect. I will definitely be coming back! The video was great as a guide to the course." K.G. RN

"Excellent course, excellent teaching." A.F. RN

"Wonderful, wonderful woman!" Dr. F's Dental Practice

"Very knowledgeable." Dr. F's Dental Practice

"Excellent, knowledgeable, calm & friendly, in control. Great presentation & demeanor, thank you." Dr. F's Dental Practice

"Clear, positive, very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Ms. Balarezo as an instructor to my colleagues. Very clear, concise." Dr. F's Dental Practice

"Your course was great and easy to understand." Dr. F's Dental Practice

"Spoke very clearly and explained everything in an easy to understand, intelligent manner." Dr. F's Dental Practice

"It was a great class with 1:1. It was a very useful/well expained class." R.E.

"Very good." A.P. DDS

"Very clear, helpful. It was focused on the important things, not boring at all. Exceeded my expectations. Best CPR course in years." R.S. DDS

"Very thorough and understandable." G.M. RN

"Very knowledgeable. Very friendly and always checks on your knowledge. Excellent knowledge and communication of the material." R.G. PCT

"She kept on track and did a wonderful job!" Physical Therapy Assistant student

"Jennifer is the best instructor EVER." Physical Therapy Assistant student

"She is a wonderful instructor!" Physical Therapy Assistant student

"Great instructor - friendly, informative, laid back but professional. Very convenient that she goes to your house." Physical Therapy Assistant student

"She did a great job of catering course to me and my job + my prior knowledge. Jennifer really did great explaining everything to me in detail in a way that was very understandable. She was great! Strength - she catered my class to my current knowledge and what I wanted to know more about." E.S. Preschool teacher

"Knowledgeable & very patient when teaching; friendly. I would definitely recommend this course to others. I will definitely return again." T.B. OT

"Great class." J.L. RN

"Great course, I'd highly recommend it!" C.H. Personal trainer

"Really great!! Very straightforward - great class!" T.L. Personal trainer

"Very patient & knowledgeable." M.G.

"Very knowledgeable; excellent instructor. Highly recommend as a CPR instructor." J.C. Nursing student

"She's very nice & offers helpful feedback & she presents the material very well. Great class, I enjoyed it! Great teacher too!" L.G.P. Nursing student

"Great job!" Physical Therapy Assistant student

"Very good teacher! Great at answering questions!" Physical Therapy Assistant student

"He explained the course good." Continental Dialysis of Alexandria Davita, Inc.

"Very knowledgeable & professional. A+++" Continental Dialysis of Alexandria Davita, Inc.

"Very clear instructor with good knowledge & feedback. Nice job." C.M. Doctor of Physical Therapy

"Very clear & helpful/knowledgeable. She knew her stuff. Great instructor." PTA student

"Great! Very knowledgeable!" J.B. YRCI

"Great explanation & communication of course materials. Wonderful presentation!" YRCI

"Gary was informative and a great, dry sense of humor that kept a difficult topic light. Thanks, excellent course" YRCI

"Gary was very effective & communicated well. Great course!!" YRCI

"Will definitely refer to others." K.S.

"She did a wonderful job w/good current life examples." L.O.

"Very helpful, nonstressful environment." C.D. RN

"His class is fun.  I learned a lot!" Continental Dialysis of Franconia Davita, Inc.

"Nice, very open to questions." Continental Dialysis of Franconia Davita, Inc.

"Mr. Fitzsimmons was great!" Continental Dialysis of Franconia Davita, Inc.

"Very well taught." Continental Dialysis of Franconia Davita, Inc.

"Excellent!" Continental Dialysis of Franconia Davita, Inc.

"Excellent. Great individual attention." B.P. Personal Trainer

"Helpful, friendly and informative! I learned a lot." B.Y.

"Engaged the class throughout entire session. Strengths - Relating to work and home differences r/t how to perform CPR." The Virginian

"Great instructor!" K.M. NP

"Makes everybody feel comfortable." L.B. PTA

"Great teacher. The models and instruction are really good." J.V.M. PTA

"Great job! I enjoyed this class!" Radiation Therapist

"Very good." C.K. PNP

"Very effective, explained in detail. Would strongly recommend to other facilities/co-workers. Overall, course was very good." The Virginian

"He helped me better understand the material on first aid." T.N.S. The Virginian

"Simple and clear presentation." The Virginian

"Very helpful." Nursing student

"Thank you for schedule flexibility. Instructor obviously knowledgeable & experienced; very helpful, thank you." PTA

"Very funny & informative!." Dr. G's Dental Office

"Gary is very knowledgeable & fun to work with." Dr. G's Dental Office

"Very intelligent, entertaining, kept it interesting. Very highly recommended; using humor and consistency" Dr. G's Dental Office

"Simple & to the point. Pace, content, approach were perfect." Dr. G's Dental Office

"Excellent, educative, practical knowledge." P.P. Dr. G's Dental Office

"Excellent!" S.S. RN

"Very informative, helpful & fun. This was a great way to do my recert." M.K. RN

"Good knowledge base and good real life examples." D.L.R.E. RN

"Excellent presentation. Excellent & very enjoyable - instructor very knowledgeable." B.S.

"Overall great instructor. Would recommend." W.S.

"Great job - very relative." F.N. RN

"Awesome renewal class! Thank you!" D.G. RN

"Great opportunity for small group one-on-one learning. Thanks, Gary!" T.B. RN

"Good teacher and very knowledgeable." P.C. RN

"Good comparisons/work events to relate to.  It was very good - pace & information." B.T. RN

"Useful stories." C.M. RN

"Excellent.  The class was excellent. The program provided needed clarity from my previous class.  Instructor was much better." S.A. RN

"Clear, able to ascertain student's level quickly." N.G. MD

"Excellent in every way." Fairfax Colon & Rectal Surgery

"Great.  Good presentation." Fairfax Colon & Rectal Surgery

"Lively instructor.  Will recommend to others." Fairfax Colon & Rectal Surgery

"Great presentation and explanation in response to detailed questions. Great listener. Very effective understanding of my population and work environment and ability to relate information and answers in a way that would specifically apply. Video very thorough and at the right level for a first timer." D.R.

"Encouraged questions as well as related topics to everyday level. The flexibility of the offerings of the course to meet personal needs was excellent." D.C.H. RN

"Excellent." Shirley Contracting Co., LLC

"Great job & good luck." Shirley Contracting Co., LLC

"Very personable, added stories to enhance topics. Great info. Very interesting and useful. Very easy to understand." Shirley Contracting Co., LLC

"Well spoken and helpful." Shirley Contracting Co., LLC

"Speaks clearly." Shirley Contracting Co., LLC

"Very informative & patient." Shirley Contracting Co., LLC

"Instructors were knowledgeblae & friendly." Gold's Gym

"Great course and appreciated it was more practical & hands-on and no written test." Gold's Gym

"It was very specific and knowledgeable and they made it very easy to learn & fun." Gold's Gym

"Wonderful. Best CPR class I've ever taken." Gold's Gym

"Very good! Very informative, great teachers!!" Gold's Gym

"Both were very funny and informative - kept things interactive & moving along." Gold's Gym

"Very nice, gave real life examples. Knowledgeable, funny. Very clear, both instructors did a good job keeping the class going & on point." Gold's Gym

"Excellent course, great hands-on work." Gold's Gym

"Excellent - Highly recommend will tell colleagues about this program." E.M. RN

"Great, laid back. Very convenient." R.M. PA

"I appreciated the flexible schedule to complete the course. This was the best type of course facillitation for a healthcare provider with minimal critical care background. Appreciated the relaxed environment." D.K. RN

"Jennifer was a great instructor. Very knowledgeable & very patient with all of my questions. She is very informative." M.S. Nursing student

"Very knowledgeable and friendly." WSC

"Great job; very knowledgeable." WSC

"Clear, concise, knowledgeable, effective presentation. Thank you!" WSC

"Jenn rocks! Very personable & knowledgeable. Good luck in med school! Thank you!" L.L. - WSC

"The instructor was knowledgeable and I like her way of presenting. I recommend the program." A.M.

"Extremely knowledgeable." Dr. Nguyen

"Very knowledgeable." M.S. LPN

"Very adaptable. Flexibility in course scheduling was key." M.W. Med school student

"She was perfect." The Virginian

"Good class." The Virginian

"She was very helpful & informative. I feel very comfortable if the situation arises for me to perform CPR." K.M. MA

"Excellent instructor. Class was very, very informative." C.D.L.P Radiography student

"Great couse, very convenient." V.K. RN

"Broad knowledge base." R.C. RN

"Excellent instructor." E.G.

"He is an excellent instructor. I have learned a lot and he explained the topics very good." M.G.

"She was very helpful & informative. I feel very comfortable if the situation arise for me to perform CPR." K.M. Medical Assistant

"Pleasant & calm throughout." Davita Dialysis of Manassas

"Great instructor." Davita Dialysis of Manassas

"Very good." Davita Dialysis of Manassas

"Good job! Great job! We really learned a lot & you were wonderful." Davita Dialysis of Manassas

"Instructor did a great job in helping me fully understand the course material." S.K. RN

"Excellent. Very good." S.J. EMT student

"Jenn is very knowledgeable. She is very up-to-date on standards and information. Her instructing skills are by far the best I've ever experienced. She explained the process as well as the reasoning behing them in a way that was very easy to follow. Great course that I will recommend to anyone who needs to be certified." - D.K. Gold's Gym Instructor

"Instructor was very friendly & seemed to be very knowledgeable on many different aspects of the material." Shirley Contracting Co., LLC

"Very good, knew a lot. Class size was small which was good." Shirley Contracting Co., LLC

"Great job." Shirley Contracting Co., LLC

"Best CPR instructor I have had in my 29+ years or nursing! She definitely knows her stuff and is an incredible teacher. Not only do I understand how to do CPR but also why I am doing what I'm doing. I will definitely return to Jennifer for my renewal in 2 years & recommend her to others." M.F. RN

"Class very informative, very practical-examples and association with everyday situations. Able to concentrate on content instead of memorization." Shirley Contracting Co., LLC

"Excellent instructor." Shirley Contracting Co., LLC

"Great class." Shirley Contracting Co., LLC

"Explained each step very well." Davita Dialysis of Manassas

"Excellent job!" Davita Dialysis of Manassas

"Excellent presentation, learned a lot!" Davita Dialysis of Manassas

"Fun & educational." Davita Dialysis of Manassas

"Very comfortable and well paced. Instructor was very knowledgeable and easy to understand." P.Y.

"Great job!" K.L.

"Great class." Shirley Contracting Co., LLC

"Class very informative; very practical-examples and association with everyday situations. Able to concentrate on content instead of memorization." Shirley Contracting Co., LLC

"Excellent instructor." Shirley Contracting Co., LLC

"I enjoyed the depth of knowledge about the subject mattery Gary had." S.B. RN

"Jennifer was awesome-extremely encouraging & very knowledgeable. Great job." D.L. Foster Parent

"Very professional & informative." R.M.

"Very knowledgeable instructor who was able to break down complicated information into it's components making it easier to understand and incorporate. Instructor even loaned me his own book to help me with background knowledge. Specific strength-was a fantastic instructor." N.B. RN

"Very good teacher. Friendly & knowledgeable. Presented information in an easy to understand manner. L.H.

"The small class size allowed for personalized instruction and pacing." N.M. Nursing Student

"Great instructor. Quick, informative, professional, good personality; easy to ask questions." L.M. Dental Hygiene Student

"Really nice and patient. My expectations were all met and he was very knowledgeable." Georgetown University Nurse Anesthesia Student

"Excellent, thank you!" Georgetown University Nurse Anesthesia Student

"I learned a lot in a non-stress, fun environment." Georgetown University Nurse Anesthesia Student

"Great class!" Georgetown University Nurse Anesthesia Student

"Excellent at meeting the needs of all students." Georgetown University Nurse Anesthesia Student

"Great!" Georgetown University Nurse Anesthesia Student

"Tailored the class to meet my needs, very clear/applicable explanations. This was an excellent course that supplied the information I needed in a clear/concise manner. Individualized, convenient, THANK YOU!!" M.P. Georgetown University Nurse Anesthesia Student

"Very knowledgeable, articulate & very receptive to questions. Excellent instructor." Davita Dialysis of Woodbridge

"She was an outstanding instructor. I will recommend this course instructed by her to my friends." Davita Dialysis of Woodbridge

"Very efficient, organized and helpful. Detailed explanation given until student was comfortable." Davita Dialysis of Woodbridge

"Very good at explainng & knowledgeable. Didn't rush through, very organized with information. Went at my pace." H.T. Personal trainer

"Very clear and helpful." A.L., Dental Assistant

"Great! Thanks for all your help! Will recommend" Georgetown University Nurse Anesthesia Student

"Thanks for the handouts!" Georgetown University Nurse Anesthesia Student

"Thought it was just the right amount of time/intensity/depth. Not too much & not too brief. Thanks! Will definitely encourage colleagues to do this recert." Georgetown University Nurse Anesthesia Student

"Great instructor - very knowledgeable. Great presentation of material. Good setting to learn in. Great instructor!" Georgetown University Nurse Anesthesia Student

"Thank you! Efficiently presented & applicable." Georgetown University Nurse Anesthesia Student

"Wonderful course!" Georgetown University Nurse Anesthesia Student

"Good job; knowledgeable." Georgetown University Nurse Anesthesia Student

"Very good instructor, clear and concise info. Very good session." R.S. RN

"Appreciate the flexibility in course offerings." A.O. RN

"Very knowledgeable on the material. I've learned a lot from Gary. I thought that the course was set up in a manner condusive to learning." L.F. MD

"Very articulate & explains in full detail to make sure all is understood prior to next subject. Confident & knowledgeable. Thanks." W.N. RN Davita Dialysis

"Excellent teacher." Ballston Metro Dental

"She is perfect." Ballston Metro Dental

"Thanks." Ballston Metro Dental

"Comfortable atmosphere, helpful & clear! Very effective at making sure I understood the procedures!" A.M.S. Fitness Instructor

"I love the class and how it was presented. Jennifer is very knowledgeable of what she teaches and pleasant. I like the fact that she practices with her student at intervals rather than after the entire video." R.J.S. Counselor

"The instructor was very knowledgeable and was able to answer any questions related to the subject. The setting was very comfortable." - N.M. Radiography student

"This course was good." The Virginian

"Excellent." The Virginian

"Excellent teacher. Keep up the good work." The Virginian

"Excellent job and very knowledgeable. Everything was explained very well. Made sure everyone understood the concept of the course." The Virginian

"Wonderful instructor. Very effective learning method." S.D. RN

"Very well explained and helpful." Dr. W's office

"Excellent instructor." C.M. Group Home Supervisor

"Super job." S.T. Security

"Great attitude and willingness pass down the information. I would strongly recommend." Youth Ministry

"He is benefical to my family and I." Youth Ministry

"Made ACLS easy to understand. Gary was very knowledgeable, lots of examples. Easy algorithm." K.L. RN

"Very easy to follow - simplified the material. Excellent course and very convenient." S.S. MD

"I love that Jennifer came to our house. It made the training very laid-back and convenient." J.C. Fitness trainer

"Very good instructor." I.D.

"Great instructor!" S.L. EMT-P

"Very convenient." C.C. RN

"Very clear, concise & direct. Good job!" Davita Dialysis of Sterling

"Excellent instructor. Explained steps thoroughly. Answered all questions." Davita Dialysis of Sterling

"Very knowledgeable, very well explained." Davita Dialysis of Sterling

"Very good." Davita Dialysis of Sterling

"Ms. Bell was an excellent instructor. I'm going to recommend her to anyone who needs the BLS training." D.B.

"Knowledgeable, calm, willing to teach!" V.P. RN

"Excellent foundation of knowledge. Provided course in convenient location on short notice." T.T. MD

"I would recommend taking this course. He is extremely knowledgeable in the subject." Xperiancare Corporation

"Very informative and knowledgeable." Xperiancare Corporation

"Marc is very efficient and a wonderful resource for education - Thank you!" R.H. RN

"Excellent teaching method." B.Z. CNA

"Easy to understand the topic and comprehend." E.H. EMT Student

"Knowledgeable, effectively answered questions." S.L. RN

"Very friendly & knowledgeable." D.B. Camp Counselor

"Extremely helpful & I really learned a lot. Very helpful. I feel comfortable with the material & performing CPR." A.H. Nursing Student

"Awesome!  Exceeded my expectations in terms of content, professionalism I expected of a re-cert course.  No weaknesses whatsoever.  This instructor should team up with our med school.  We could use an in-house BLS teacher like her." K.P. MD

"Will definitely recertify with you again!" C.N. EMT-B

"Jenn is an informative instructor with extremely effective teaching methods.  Her session is not in the least bit intimidating which makes for a most comfortable learning environment!" A.G. RN

"Open for questions; thorough explanation." S.M. RN

"Great to have one-on-one. Easy to get questions answered." N.M. RRT

"Excellent knowledge." A.L. EMT-B

"Excellent." T.T. MD

"We learned a lot and we enjoyed it." DaVita Dialysis of Leesburg

"Good presentation and evaluation." DaVita Dialysis of Leesburg

"Would recommend him. Thanks for the flexibility on short notice." K.C. RN

"Communicated all concepts clearly. Friendly & welcomed questions!" C.C. Medical Student

"Friendly atmosphere." C.G. RN

"Great to have one-on-one. The one-on-one was great, easy to get questions answered." N.M. RRT

"Much enjoyed. Very fun and educational." D.S. Student

"Found this very easy to schedule." J.L.C. DMS

"Great job. Many thanks - very informative." NCO/NITRD

"Excellent, friendly, professional. Both instructors were very helpful and well versed on the course. Both provided willingness to answer questions." NCO/NITRD

"Clear & concise. Presented steps logically, easy to remember. Fantastic! Thanks!" Fitness Instructor Gold's Gym

"Very friendly - easy to ask questions with her." Fitness Instructor Gold's Gym

"Jennifer was friendly and knowledgeable." Fitness Instructor Gold's Gym

"Clear & concise." Fitness Instructor Gold's Gym

"Clear, knowledgeable. Great! Overall - excellent!" Fitness Instructor Gold's Gym

"Great job! Thank you!" Daycare Provider

"He was very thorough and patient." Daycare Provider

"Outstanding! Very clear & informative. See you in 2 years...." Personal Trainer

"You were great!  Thanks so much for being flexible." K.P. ER Tech

"Great job!" E.R. Group Fitness Instructor

"Great instructor!" J.C. Personal Trainer

"You did a great job and I appreciate you taking the time." V.S. Daycare Provider

"Friendly and knowledgeable." H.G. RN

"Both knowledgeable & patient instructors!" J.Y. PA

"Very knowledgeable.  Provides a nice relaxing learning environment." Dr. B.H.

"Instructor is good at evaluating what you already know & what you need help with.  Class is convenient." J.B. RN

"Very clear in explanations." M.L. RN Student

"Great instructor. Patient." K.M. RN Student

"Very good instructor.  Answered all my questions.  Very patient." C.M. RN Student

"He is a good instructor." N.O. Childcare Provider

"Thank you!  Quick and effective!" D.B. Fitness Trainer

"Very knowledgeable and a good instructor.  Very patient and competent in teaching the CPR class." J.S. MA

"Thank you." T.H. Daycare Provider

"Adrian answered my questions clearly and was patient." Y.H. Daycare Provider

"Very professional & personable." R.H.

"Great experience!" N.E. Nursing Student

"It was presented with such ease that everyone would be comfortable with.  This is a dedicated instructor.  I have already recommended her company to my staffing service!" E.G. Sonographer

"Thanks for being so convenient." L.H. Child Care Provider

"Great program.  Helpful and convenient." S.F. Personal Trainer

"Her wisdom over this class creates an open mind about CPR & AED programs for me." M.C. CNA

"Good class." K.A. MRI Technician

"Appreciate you coming to me this time." J.W. RN

"Course on-line and skills check combination was very user friendly." D.L. Physical Therapist

"Easy to understand." H.E. DaVita Dialysis of Fair Oaks

"He read us well and provided great feedback." J.Q. DaVita Dialysis of Fair Oaks

"Very knowledgeable and friendly. Will definitely recommend this instructor to co-workers." J.C. RN

"Excellent." M.C. Scuba Diver

"Very well done & clearly explained." DaVita Dialysis of Fair Oaks

"Jenn is great!" L.H. PA

"Jennifer was very knowledgeable and prepared and was very thorough. Thank you very much for making this class very accessible." R.M. Nursing School

"Instructor explained the content very well to my understanding." The Virginian

"Wonderful, knowledgeable and thorough." The Virginian

"Very helpful & explains well." DaVita Dialysis of Woodbrige

"Knowledgeable instructor. The class was interesting & informative." D.D. Fitness Instructor

"This was the best CPR course I've taken. Arena presented the materials in a very clear, concise manner. I feel like I leaned a lot! Thank you!" J.H. Gold's Gym Fitness Instructor

"Great stuff! I learned a lot and was able to ask questions. Thanks!" S.S. Fitness Instructor

"Great job!" Dr. T.G.

"Very pleasant, calm, kind. It was very informative. Thanks!" P.G. RPh

"Great job. I like the program. It is very interesting, important and the instructor is very good." - B.T. Day Care Provider

"Thorough explanations." R.O. Medical Program

"Great knowledge." PCT DaVita Dialysis of Winchester

"Very patient & accomodating." RN DaVita Dialysis of Winchester

"Very good!" PCT DaVita Dialysis of Winchester

"Relaxed! Friendly - made us feel comfortable." RN DaVita Dialysis of Winchester

"Instructors were great!" RN DaVita Dialysis of Winchester

"She knows the material quite well. Class was interesting. She explained the material clearly." The Virginian

"Helpful with individual questions. Thanks." The Virginian

"Active and knowledgeable." The Virginian

"Pleasant, accomodating to questions, very thorough." The Virginian

"Enjoyed every minute." The Virginian

"Has patience and knows what she is doing." The Virginian

"Highly knowledgeable CPR personnel." W.A. Group Home Staff

"Instructor had a high level of patience during teaching of course, explained very well for students to understand with no difficulties." A.W.

"Was efficient and knowledgeable. Plus it was great for me as I could have the course at home." Y.Y. Daycare Provider

"Very effective with plenty of experience to draw from." E.S. Personal Trainer

"Excellent!" P.S. RN

"Great job!" J.K. NREMT-P

"Awesome, knowledgeable, personable." Fitness Trainer, Gold's Gym

"Great! Very knowledgeable." Fitness Trainer, Gold's Gym

"Great." Fitness Trainer, Gold's Gym

"Awesome!!" J.T. RN

"Great course." I.A.R. RN

"Very knowledgeable, good experience base." A.F. RN

"She is awesome. This was so easy & quick. Very relaxed and still professional." S.S. RN

"Excellent instructor." I.R. NP

"Very clear & concise instruction. Always encouraged questions." K.W. Nursing Student

"Was very knowledgeable presenting material, made it easy to ask questions. Really appreciated comfortable environment & ability to move through course at my own pace, not the pace of an entire classroom of people!!" R.C. RN

"Very knowledgeable. Excellent." T.G. RN

"Best class ever! I appreciate and will remember your analogies - thanks." H.M. RN

"Great job!" Dr. O'Hara D.C.

"Excellent job." C.O., PT

"Awesome!" J.T., RN

"Friendly, informative, professional, patient." T.B., CNA

"Awesome! One-on-one was great & at my pace. Thank you!" L.C., CNA

"Well explained and was very patient and helpful." E.A., Hartwood Foundation

"Was efficient and knowledgeable. Plus it was great for me as I could have the course at home." Y.Y., Day Care Provider

"We will return year after year only because of the instructor. She's awesome." T.W., LPN

"Very knowledgeable & helpful." A.H, Personal Trainer

"Quick & convenient - knowledgeable." M.C., RN

"I love the PALS algorithm handout! Thanks!" NP from Medical Emergency Professionals

"Professional, knowledgeable." PA from Medical Emergency Professionals

"Excellent course, knowledgeable, but appropriate depth for student population. Consistently high quality training (this is my second class with GOTCPR, LLC; took PALS before)." PA from Medical Emergency Professionals

"I love your ACLS algorithm handout. Thank you!" NP from Medical Emergency Professionals

"Great experience!" PA-C from Medical Emergency Professionals

"Awesome." PA-C from Medical Emergency Professionals

"Excellent. A+++. This was, overall, my most favorite ACLS class yet." PA from Medical Emergency Professionals

"Thanks Gary! I really think this format makes a lot of sense." PA from Medical Emergency Professionals

"Excellent. Best PALS class ever." PA from Medical Emergency Professionals

"Thank you! The course was great." C.T., RN

"On point. Helpful and professional." D.H., Personal Trainer with WSC

"Good pace and feedback." D.C., Orthotist

"Very knowledgeable. Excellent." T.G. RN

"Best class ever! I appreciate and will remember your analogies - Thanks!" H.M. RN

"Excellent instructor. Jennifer was flexible when I needed to reschedule; answered all of my questions. I feel prepared to handle emergencies with the skills I learned and her helpful insider tips. Thanks Jenn!" J.B., Physical Therapy Student

"Very knowledgeable and friendly person. I would recommend Jenn to anyone I know who needs CPR and First Aid." T.N. Personal Trainer

"She explained everything with patience. Good instructor. Best of luck." S.D. Daycare Provider

"Thanks!" Otolaryngology Associates, PC

"You three were great." Otolaryngology Associates, PC

"Wonderful and absolutely will use you again!! Excellent." Otolaryngology Associates, PC

"Thorough and concise very easy to follow a lot of information." Otolaryngology Associates, PC

"Great! Loved her!" Otolaryngology Associates, PC

"Excellent, professional & very knowledgeable." Otolaryngology Associates, PC

"Wonderful." Otolaryngology Associates, PC

"Thank you. Excellent course." Otolaryngology Associates, PC

"Explaining rationale for actions helped." Otolaryngology Associates, PC

"They were all very helpful. Great class! Thank you!" Otolaryngology Associates, PC

"They were very patient, helpful and knowledgeable." Otolaryngology Associates, PC

"Very good instructors." Otolaryngology Associates, PC

"Very knowledgeable about subject, patient in teaching and encouraged questions. Every class should be this rewarding and fulfilling. Great instructor." J.S. RN

"Excellent instructor. Will refer you to all other offices that I know. Thank you for your wonderful training." Dr. S.K, DMD with Tooth Fairy Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

"She is amazing. I learned a lot of things. I learned very well today and she is great in teaching." S.S., Dental Assistant with Tooth Fairy Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

"Excellent." C.G.

"Liked incorporation of real situations relayed in humor." H.G.

"Very informative." E.C., Daycare Provider

"Great course! I learned a ton and the instructor was awesome! Much better than any other instructor I have had for CPR. Awesome!! Thank you so much!" B.E., Childcare Provider

"Awesome. Well paced." C.E., RN

"Friendly and helpful." L.E., Student

"Very informative." T.W., Personal Trainer with WSC

"Very good teacher!" S.C., RN

"Excellent." I.J., Nursing Student

"Very good at demonstrating and instruction." C.W., LPN

"Wonderful. Taught the class quickly and effectively. Would recommend him to my colleagues." E.H., MD

"The instructor was very nice and responded to all my questions. She was great!" E.L., EMT student

"Great instructor, easy to understand and knows how to explain the class very well." Z.S., Dental Hygiene Student

"I like the one-on-one attention that I got from Jennifer." E.L., Dental Hygiene Student

"Overall both instructors did a great job." K.P. PE Teacher

"Very informative and gave great examples. Awesome instructor!" Fitness Instructor Gold's Gym

"Great and thorough class!" Fitness Instructor Gold's Gym

"Instructor was great." Fitness Instructor Gold's Gym

"Jennifer was an excellent instructor." Fitness Instructor Gold's Gym

"Jenn is awesome Thanks! Jenn is very knowledgeable and presents the material very well. It was a great class." Fitness Instructor Gold's Gym

"Fantastic above and beyond. She explained everything clearly and answers all questions thoroughly. Most informative course I've taken for CPR." Fitness Instructor Gold's Gym

"Enjoyed my instructor Jennifer." J.H. Daycare Provider

"Very knowledgeable & friendly. Great class. Thank you for taking the time to teach us." Shirley Contracting Co., LLC

"Very good." Shirley Contracting Co., LLC

"Very informative and knowledgeable." The Virginian

"Jenn Balarezo was very professional. Great work!" The Virginian

"Provided great information." The Virginian

"I learned a lot to help people and it was a great education for us." The Virginian

"Thank you very much. You helped us and we will help others." The Virginian

"Her knowledge was great!" The Virginian

"Very good. She was very good with everything." The Virginian

"Good job. Very knowledgeable." C.V. Pilot

"Very knowledgeable." N.P., RN

"Excellent instructor, convenient course. Thanks." J.M. Sports Therapist

"GOTCPR is the best way to get CPR/First Aid certification!" C.W. Equestrian Therapeutic Instructor

"Great feedback, patience & answered all my questions! Very helpful. I will be using her class again in 2 years! Thank you!" S.C. Medical Assistant

"Fantastic. Would do again in 2 years." Dr. P, Austin-Weston Center for Cosmetic Surgery

"Excellent." Austin-Weston Center for Cosmetic Surgery

"It was presented well simple, good sense of humor." D.M., RN, Austin-Weston Center for Cosmetic Surgery

"Great course!" Austin-Weston Center for Cosmetic Surgery

"Excellent instructor. I thought the program was presented in a very relaxed, educational environment." Austin-Weston Center for Cosmetic Surgery

"The ACLS algorithm handout was excellent." Austin-Weston Center for Cosmetic Surgery

"Truly made the course relavent. Good job! Looking forward to repeating in 2 years!" Austin-Weston Center for Cosmetic Surgery

"Humorous, professional and informative." Austin-Weston Center for Cosmetic Surgery

"Super job! You made it fun! We do this every 2 years. This was the best!" Austin-Weston Center for Cosmetic Surgery

"Good course." Dr. Pham

"They are really good teachers." The Virginian

"They presented the course very well & clear." The Virginian

"She is very knowledgable, knows the subject matter. They are great & excellent." The Virginian

"She was very knowledgable of the subject." M.H. Fitness Instructor

"Great explanations and answered all questions! Great! Thank you!" K.A. Coach

"She was excellent! Thanks so much. You both were great!" M.D. Friendship Ambulatory Surgery Center

"Excellent instructors!" Friendship Ambulatory Surgery Center

"Wonderful job!" Friendship Ambulatory Surgery Center

"Excellent review & update!" M.D. Friendship Ambulatory Surgery Center

"Thank you so much!" Friendship Ambulatory Surgery Center

"Answered all questions. Overall knowledge was exceptional." Personal Trainer with Washington Sports Club

"Concise and to the point." Personal Trainer with Washington Sports Club

"Direct, to the point and very informative." Personal Trainer with Washington Sports Club

"Excellent instructor, the material was conducive to learning; information was direct and informative." Personal Trainer with Washington Sports Club

"Knowledgeable, funny & moved quickly." Group Fitness Manager of Gold's Gym

"Very funny & clear." Fitness Instructor at Gold's Gym

"I liked their sense of humor and of course their teaching. It was great!" The Virginian

"Very good. Great to have instructors with a lot of real life experience. Great sense of humor; wonderful too!" The Virginian

"They are very good." The Virginian

"Great course and instructors." The Virginian

"Both of the instructors were great. While we were learning we also had fun." The Virginian

"Fun, I enjoyed the class." The Virginian

"Excellent" The Virginian

"Very calming and clear. Great use of humor. Great job. Very clearly presented." The Virginian

"Both were very knowledgeable." The Virginian

"Very nice and helpful." E.G., Babysitter

"Was a good teacher and brought back the memory of CPR training. This is a good course." J.G., Lifeguard

"He was awesome. Would definitely recommend him." M.T., Dental Hygienist

"Great, enjoyable." The Virginian

"Was very good and very practical." The Virginian

"Excellent." The Virginian

"Great communicator." The Virginian

"Class was very informative!!!" The Virginian

"Excellent teaching style. Great class, good scenarios, very well done." The Virginian

"Excellent. Very effective in presentation." The Virginian

"Pleasant, friendly and clear." The Virginian

"Instructor was very knowledgeable, made the course interesting." The Virginian

"Very informative, very good." The Virginian

"She knows how to teach and helped us to understand." The Virginian

"Great presentation." The Virginian

"Very good." The Virginian

"Brian was a very good instructor. After every subject, he asked if I had any questions. Also, he was very funny and easy to learn from." S.C. Daycare Provider

"Great experience!! I would recommend her!!" J.T. Sleep Technician

"Made sure we understood everything. Made sure our questions were answered. It was great; I learned new things." A.K. Sleep Technician

"Great job. Very willing to accomodate my schedule for class." B.T. RN

"Orlando is a good instructor. He is clear, concise and I learned a lot." P.R. Daycare Provider

"Very clear and information." J.B. Personal Trainer

"Very knowledgeable, great instructor." Personal Trainer with Northern VA Mixed Martial Arts

"Best CPR course I've taken in 5 or so years." Personal Trainer with Northern VA Mixed Martial Arts

"Very clear and precise instruction." Personal Trainer with Northern VA Mixed Martial Arts

"Thanks for coming out and being so flexible." Personal Trainer with Northern VA Mixed Martial Arts

"Great job! Very good instruction, effective presentation." Personal Trainer with Nothern VA Mixed Martial Arts

"Fabulous!" Polu Kai Services, LLC

"Amazing!" Polu Kai Serivces, LLC

"Very clear, very knowledgeable." Personal Trainer with Gold's Gym

"Great! Super good class." Personal Trainer with Gold's Gym

"Jennifer was well spoken, succinct and a good example with her work experience." Personal Trainer with Gold's Gym

"This is my second class with GOTCPR, LLC. Convenient, effective, great!" Personal Trainer with Gold's Gym

"Great presentation, very knowledgeable." Personal Trainer with Gold's Gym

"Thorough and detailed instruction." Personal Trainer with Gold's Gym

"I've taken numerous CPR classes and Jennifer was the best!" Personal Trainer with Gold's Gym

"Great instructor and obviously knowledgeable." DaVita Dialysis of Woodbridge

"Answered questions thoroughly and very knowledgeable." Personal Trainer with WSC

"Very friendly & informative. Didn't put you to sleep! Jennifer made it fun & presented the information in a manner that kept things upbeat. IT was a great course! Many thanks! A.L. Daycare Provider

"The course was very informative. Thank you!" Daycare Provider

"Great opportunity to ask questions, propose hypothetical scenarios and moved at our pace." C.P. Georgetown University Medical Student

"Taught the class at our level. Very clear, excellent instructor!" M.P. Georgetown University Medical Student

"He was the best instructor." M.S. RN

Plenty of hands on time! Liked all of the scenarios it makes you think! We had enough supplies which was wonderful! I have been in classes before where the entire class shared 2 manikins. This was much more efficient." DaVita Dialysis of Woodbridge

"Knows material very well, very helpful." DaVita Dialysis of Woodbridge

"Very informative" DaVita Dialysis of Woodbridge

"Made everyone comfortable with the material. Kept a relaxed setting." Dominion Endodontics

"Best CPR training I have ever had in over 30 years as a health care provider. Love the coffee and munchkins!" Dominion Endodontics

"Great instructor! Very entertaining and really makes sure you know the material." Dominion Endodontics

"Very professional and fun team." Dominion Endodontics

"Calm influence with good answers to problems we struggled with." Dominion Endodontics

"Excellent communicator. Put things in very simple terms to understand." Dominion Endodontics

"Excellent. Jennifer was professional and an excellent instructor. She taught at an appropriate pace. Thank you!" Dominion Endodontics

"They were awesome!!" Dominion Endodontics

"Did a great job!" Dominion Endodontics

"Good instruction, calm, easy to understand." Vascular Access of Northern Virginia

"Positive, helpful." Vascular Access of Northern Virginia

"Very nice and professional." Vascular Access of Northern Virginia

"Excellent presentation skills. Learned a lot and it was an enjoyable class." Vascular Access of Northern Virginia

"Jenn was an excellent, organized, professional teacher. TJ was also very professional and knowledgeable. Best (seriously) ever BLS class." Vascular Access of Northern Virginia

"TJ did a fabulous job. TJ kept it very interesting." Gold's Gym

"Very informative. Excellent!" Gold's Gym

"Awesome instructor! He made learning so fun!!! I loved the interaction with us...having us all answer questions and demonstrate was very helpful." Gold's Gym

"Awesome, engaging, funny. Thank you!" Gold's Gym

"Awesome!! Good clear instructions and voice, kept everyone involved and offered more than the video alone. Engaging and really clear to understand." Gold's Gym

"TJ was awesome and very interactive. Outstanding trainer! Really like the scenarios that he presented and additional info." Gold's Gym

"Very friendly and made the class fun. He made us all feel comfortable and relaxed. He made it a relaxed learning environment. Presented in a very clear way and repeated everything a few times so we could remember." Gold's Gym

"Clear, great speaker. Clearly explained concepts, reasons why. Best teacher I've ever had for this type of training." Gold's Gym